Technical Support
Yuanfu Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. can provide you with steel structure building design, production, installation of a full range of services. Custom designs are available in freely; Technical online support is available 24 hours a day.
With 6 professional house designers, based on the customer's on-site size, using 3D modeling, details, carefully customized.
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Production workshop
Yuanfu Steel Structural Engineering Co., Ltd. has an independent processing factory, The factory covers an area of 2600 square meters. The factory is fully equipped; Can meet the purchasing needs of different customers.
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Mature project experience, professional installation and construction team, can provide localization services.
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About Us
Henan Yuanfu Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.
is group enterprises, which supply steel structure building design, steel structure workshop production and installation service. In the past 10 years, Yuanfu has accumulated a wealth of industry experience in China market. In 2020, enter into international market.
Smart factories
Well-trained workers
High-standard equipment
professional architects and engineers
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Project Cases
Yuanfu has 6 professional architects and engineers, 12 senior technicians, efficient construction and installation team. In the past 10 years, Yuanfu has completed large number of steel structure building cases. Yuanfu Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. can supply customized customer needs, "smart factory." Welcome to inquire.
steel structure breeding house construction

Thailand steel structures breeding pig houses construction

Steel structure breeding houses are widely used, such as steel structure pig house, steel structure cow house, steel structure sheepfold, steel structure chicken coops and so on. Our company building more than 500 cows steel structure pig house in Thailand have 6 cases.
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construct of steel structure workshop

Construction of steel structure workshop

Design basis for steel structure workshop: The construction party requires the workshop to be capable of lifting and shipping production materials with a load of less than 10 tons. According to the actual situation of the site, the engineer adopted a large-span design with one column in the middle.
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1920 squre meters steel structure warehouse design

Steel structure warehouse design basis: the construction party requires that the plant can bear material reserves of less than 5 tons. Engineers carry out a large-span design plan based on the site.
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